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Hollow City

Hollow City is an open world, open Magic System environment to be used, adapted, and shared as needed by those looking for a developed (and developing or evolving) environment. The system uses, in part, a world mythos argument on how it is created and what rules apply in what situations. This system is not complete and should never truly be considered complete.

an open magic system

The Hollow City Open magic system is a system based on the principal that magic is a natural part of all things. It has always existed and is an extant part of creation. It exists in all areas of life from religion to magic and the occult to quantum entanglement and physics. The difference between where magic is realized and used depends on the way in which the individual chooses to learn and then use magic.

Magic Rules

  1. Magic must be studied to be understood and written down to be used. See Grimoire.
  2. Magic is a natural phenomenon and can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply exists.
  3. Anyone who wants to learn magic can learn magic, though not everyone who studies magic has equal ability of equal power. See Differences in People.
  4. Magic encompasses traditional magic, witchcraft and sorcery, as well as religion and spirituality, and quantum entanglement and science. See Logic of interaction.

an open world environment

Hollow City is an Open World environment that anyone can add to or change according to their needs or wants. The basis of the world is built around ideas created by John Hattaway and used by John Hattaway and Cornelius Black.

Principle Locations

an open species hierarchy

Hollow City includes a tiered species system. The system is based on the three tiers of creation:

  1. Angels
  2. Fire Spirits
  3. Humans

Within these three hierarchies are additional created elements ranging from moral good to moral evil and moral neutral.

Creation Myth

Every culture has a creation myth or the stories that illustrate how the natural world came into being. This is how magic and religion, science and understanding is developed culture to culture.


Altered from the real world, (see xxxx).