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What is Hollow City?

Hollow City is a website that is being dedicated to the open sharing and dissemination of an open source magical system for use in writing and other media.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is a term used in software development indicating all of the code is available to anyone who wants to see it, make changes, add to it, or to join in projects meant to move specific software development forward.

The term is being co-opted to represent an openly available magical system and world that can be adopted into your story or changed to match your needs. In either case, the system exists to be used, added to, and changed based on the needs of both the community and the original author.

What is a Magical System?

A **Magical System** is a system whereby, within a specific set of rules and guidelines, magic may be performed within the context of a story or other works of fiction.

What makes this system different?

  1. It's different because it was created based on an observed need to answer questions on how things work, what makes them work, and how individuals or groups can access the power behind the magic. As with the real world, magic must follow a pattern and it must have both requirements on consequences similar to those found in a study of physics. Newton's Laws of Motion and Zeroth's Law and the Three Laws of Thermodynamics. Or, more plainly, magic is possibly only through proper application of applied principles.
  2. Anyone can learn magic, though as with other *talents* or skills, some people are more inclined to be naturally good, while others will require a greater degree of effort to become proficient.
  3. Magic follows a simple rule of:
Something in, something out
  1. Magic can neither create nor destroy matter. And any change in the mass or size of an individual or object must be accounted for.
  2. Magic must first be learned before it can be used.
  3. Items can be imbued with magic, but the application will always be specific and logical.
  4. Magic crosses the boundaries of mysticism, religion, atheism, technology, and science and is an applied and understood approach from any specific and focused discipline.
  5. It is possible to combine general disciplines, though all magic has to adhere to and follow the rules of all used disciplines.
  6. Not all disciplines use energy the same way or to the same degree or extent and can vary widely.